Fruity Slots

Fruity Slots

If you had to guess how long ago the slot machine was invented, what would you guess? If you said around 130 years ago, then you probably cheated and read ahead. The fact is though, slots are one of the oldest and most established forms of gambling on Earth. The first machine that we would now recognize as the one-armed bandit was the Liberty Bell, made somewhere around the 1890s and with an enormous €0.50 jackpot. The bell symbols first appeared in this game, and other symbols such as the fruit and BAR symbol were added in over the next 20 years or so.

These machines stayed about the same, until veteran game provider Bally created the first electric mechanical slot machine in the 1960s. The machines kept the lever arm, but did away with the spring inside and replaced it with an electronic system. Progress started jumping forwards in leaps and bounds and only 10 years later, the first video slot machines appeared, doing away with the mechanical reels entirely. A few years later, the first progressive slots started appearing, and in the 1990s, the first tentative steps into reliable internet led to the first online casino in the form of Microgaming.

From there, the industry has leapt into mobile slots and now even towards VR, AR and games on smart devices. From that single line metal box over a hundred years ago, the entire concept of slots has blossomed in ways the original inventors could never have dreamed of. While we’re here, let us show you what we mean with this selection of fruity games with fruity slots!

Here they are:

Blazing Star OK, let’s start off with the slot that’s nearest to sitting in a pub or bar and pulling the lever yourself. What you get is a classic 5-reel, 5-line slot, and the only extra features to be found are a couple of chances to gamble with your winnings. No nonsense, straight-up slots for a pure nostalgia kick.

Star Spinner - Take the classic slot machine, refine it and polish it until it glows, and you end up with Star Spinner. You’re looking at all the familiar symbols and designs but now in gorgeous and vibrant 3D, and they threw some wilds in there for good measure as well.  

Fruit Warp - We’re really doubling down on the whole fruit concept in the Fruit Warp slot, as its pure vitamins and bright colours from the familiar cherries to the unique dragon fruits. Activate Fruit Mode to start building up multipliers, and you’ll even get respins with it!  

Star Joker - classic feel, joker is scatter but goes gold and wild in free spins. A classic feeling but highly polished title where the jokers are wild! Well, they are after you get three of them as scatters and activate the free spins game at least. Hit 5 stars in that mode for the biggest wins in the game!  

BerryBurst - For something a bit different, let’s start spinning in clusters with BerryBurst, NetEnt’s fruitiest offering. While there are unusually no free spins in this one, what you get in return are sticky wilds that just keep triggering respins as long as you keep hitting them!  

Super Hot Fruits - 4x stake win activates bonus feature but bet winnings, 100% RTP on feature. This is one of those rare golden unicorns of slots that can hit the legendary 100% RTP, at least in the bonus feature. Any time you get a win of 4x your stake, you activate the Hot Spins, which can generate a massive 250,000 coin maximum payout. That’s a real sweet and spicy sauce!  

Fruit Shop - If you need to cool off a little after that game slot, Fruit Shop is perfect for you. This is a light, bouncy and fun to play cartoony slot with free spins hitting you more often than most games on this list. It’s not a mega-earner, but it’s clean, extremely user-friendly and good fun.  

Five Star Power Reels - We’re back in unusual territory now with a very uncommon 8-reel 10-line sequel slot. Even more bizarrely, wins come from both the left and right sides and when they do, they trigger respins that just keep going - the top mark for it is at a staggering 10000x your stake!   

Reel Rush - Let’s keep the unusual train going with Reel Rush, closer to a fruit lozenges slot than fruity slots with inspiration drawn from a host of colourful mobile games. You start with a large chunk of symbols covered up, but consecutive wins unveil more symbols until 5 wins gets you the full board and a load of free spins too!  

Mystery Reels Megaways - Given how popular Megaways is right now, it was honestly only a matter of time before someone put a fruit machine out with over 100,000 win lines. There are plenty of chances for free spins while you’re at it so have a crack at solving the mystery yourself!  

Jammin Jars - The fruit is about the only thing the Jammin Jars slot has in common with the old slot machines as you play on an 8×8 grid with a sweet cascading wins feature. For the biggest wins though, you need to get that jam in jars (pun intended) to build up some awesome multipliers!  

If you’re looking for where to play Jammin Jars or any of the slots above, remember that everything is available to play right here at 21 Casino.

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