Paywire: the Single-Lined Slot Machine

Developed by Asylum Labs Slots, Paywireis a single-lined game inspired by the "Haywire" machines from the late twentieth century. While its developers may have been small upon the title's release, Paywireis packed with chaos and fun.

It uses randomness to your advantage, occasionally activating either of the two bonus features to score you extra winnings. The play style's direction differs heavily from others, such as Legacy of The Dead and Moon Princes, which have more than one win line and five reels.

Paywire is displayed in a clean yet energetic green light background, adding to its inspiration from the 1970s and 1980s. You can activate the Nudge feature on any spin, pushing a BAR or seven into the win line. Alternatively, when you win, the Haywire mechanic has a chance to activate, increasing your winnings by up to ninefold.

With simple mechanics but chaotic gameplay, there's plenty for us to examine below.

How to Play Paywire

Paywireis one of the simplest slot games you can play online. With only a single win line, there's no complicated pattern to follow on each spin. To start, all you need to do is select your bet amount at the bottom left and then click the spin button on the bottom right side of the screen.

Once you've clicked that green arrow, the three reels will spin. After a moment, they'll stop with some symbols appearing on the line or near it. By clicking the information tab on the bottom left, you can view each line's result's various payouts.

If you'd like to automatically set the game to play itself, Paywirehas a simple limitation setup for spins. You're able to select the number of plays, the max loss limit, and the win limit per single automatic session.

Paywire's Unique Features

There's more to this game than just the generic slot machine mechanics of winning through matching symbols or wilds. These spice up the gameplay, which is essential when playing only a single win line slot.

Unlike many other popular slot games, Paywirehas no bonus spin mechanic or mini-game. 


This is an incredibly useful mechanic. Nudge moves a reel that recently landed on a blank. This pushes one of the nearest options into the win line, potentially completing a set of icons.

Nudge doesn't always activate every spin and occurs at random. The feature guarantees no winnings as it can match unsuitable symbols together on the win line. 


When you achieve this random feature, you're in for a treat. This mechanic can only occur after you've won, even if it's only receiving your bet back from a wild. 

When it activates, the reels will shake as a purple light shines over them. After that, you'll see them respin on to the same results, adding the winnings again to your total. You can view the current total above the reels.

This respin will happen up to nine times, maximizing your winnings. However, due to its inconsistent activation and the random amount of times it goes off, you may only receive it on small winnings.

Paywire Game Payouts

Paywireallows for bets as small as 0.25, increasing to 0.50, 1.00, all the way to a maximum of 100.00. It’s exceptionally random, pushing your luck to its limits with both the Nudge and Haywire features.

These can take a win and double or triple it with the small chance of either mechanic activating. It’s a classic that has plenty to offer the average slot player. 

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