Star Quest

Volatility:Very high
Win lines:Megaways™

Star Quest

Starquestis a kitschy, retro, space-based slots game that will remind some older players of a famous Jane Fonda movie. Although plot-wise it wasn’t exactly a classic, Barbarella was visually stunning, and this slot seeks to replicate this with its visually-stunning display. If you haven’t seen the movie but still want to, let’s just say we’re not giving too much away by saying that the game is a lot more entertaining than the film.

The Starquestslot is one of those off-the-wall interpretations of a concept that Big Time Gaming excels at time and again. With six uneven reels (the number of symbols, and as a result your potential payout varies depending on the size of the symbols spun), there are numerous ways to win. The usual playing-card symbols, along with gems of green, red, and blue, are key to your chances of winning, and the jackpot symbol is the letters “SQ”. 

As this is a Big Time Gaming production, there are also plenty of chances to multiply your winnings through features and bonuses - and of course, it features famous Megaways win lines boosting the number of possible win lines to over 117,000 Megaways!

Star Quest - Symbols, Features and Bonuses

As a game with no bonus round, a lot of the enjoyment and success to be found in this game falls on its triggered features - thankfully,  these are really rather good. The biggest boosts to your wins are achieved by spinning a stacked Wild, which comes in the shape of the astronaut character who is the game’s protagonist. She’s not actually named in-game, which is somewhat disappointing, but her appearance on the reels does offer a potentially lucrative re-spin to make up for her relative anonymity.

However, it’s not really the re-spin that is the biggest feature here; players should instead focus on the potential multiplier that each Wild provides. The multiplier can vary between x2 and x5, and if you spin two Wilds in one go, the game will multiply the multipliers. How this works in practice is as follows: If Reel 2 has a Wild with a x3 multiplier, and Reel 3 has a x5 multiplier, then your win on the following re-spin will be multiplied x15. So, for simplicity’s sake, let’s just say the more Wilds you can get, and the higher the multipliers of those Wilds, the better. 

It may sound unlikely that you’ll be lucky enough to achieve two Wilds in a single spin - but bear in mind that when you spin one, it freezes in place for the following bonus respin, so it happens more often than you might think. Furthermore, if that re-spin also bestows a Wild reel, both Wilds stay in place, and they each gain an additional x1 multiplier.

There is no bonus to speak of in this Starquestslot review as the people at Big Time Gaming have chosen to forgo this inclusion in the slot, but with 117,649 potential ways to win, perhaps the whole game could be seen as a bonus. Style-wise, the game is far from a let-down; we’ve come to expect classics from this notable developer, and they’ve delivered again with this outing.

One thing you may find is that you’ll frequently go a long time between wins and then, seemingly out of nowhere, you can hit a run of potentially successful spins. As a result, it’s fair to say that this is a game that will keep you on your toes. There is the minor thematic quibble that, for a game set in space, the developers don’t seem to have done much with the concept outside of making the main character a nameless astronaut - but that’s easily overlooked on a slot as entertaining as this one. 

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