White Rabbit

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White Rabbit

White Rabbit is a colourful slot that takes its theme from the famous Alice in Wonderland novels. Brought to you by Big Time Gaming, this innovative slot encourages you to explore the world of Lewis Carroll’s classic story via five reels of different sizes. In a cute nod to the novels, the reels grow and contract throughout play, but can spread out to allow a rather astonishing 248,000+ Megaways of winning.

As soon as you start playing White Rabbit, you’ll immediately see that this game is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Your every move will bring you face to face with characters from the stories, and it’s all watched over with amused detachment by the charming, if somewhat enigmatic, Caterpillar. 

While some elements of White Rabbit are a little odd, this is in keeping with the novels, and the base gameplay element is the enduringly familiar asymmetrical five-reeler. When bonuses and random features come into play, though, that’s when you’re really “through the looking glass”.

White Rabbit - Symbols, Features and Bonuses

As is fairly standard for themed slots, characters from the source material replace the usual slot machine standbys of watermelon and cherries, and the White Rabbit slot is no different. You’ll find a Dodo, Mad Hatter and Tweedles Dee and Dum, and all the other favourites. Furthermore, certain familiar figures will deliver special outcomes for the player. For instance, if you line up three March Hares on reels 2, 3, and 4, you’ll enter a bonus round, which we’ll discuss in more depth soon.

On occasion, Caterpillar will decide to abandon his usually-aloof approach and adds four extra Wilds to the reels. If you trigger a winning combination using one of Wilds, you can multiply your win by up to x3.

The bonus round in BTG’s White Rabbit slot offers you fifteen bonus spins of five reels, each with five or six rows to begin with. We say “to begin with”, because if you spin an “Eat Me” cupcake, the reel grows by one row (a neat reference to the cupcakes in the stories, which made Alice grow much taller). This instantly increases your chances of winning.

Better yet, if any reel expands to 12 rows, it triggers another fifteen spins. This means that, if you’re lucky, you could have 75 bonus spins in the one round. As well as the extra spins, the game will also add more Red Queens and gems, so when you do spin a winning line, there’s a greater chance it will be a good one.

All in all, this video slot offers innovative bonuses, gorgeous graphics and a great deal of respect for Lewis Carroll’s canon. We can heartily recommend White Rabbitto slots novices and regular players alike.

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