The Goonies

Win lines:20

The Goonies

The fan favourite Spielberg movie from the 80s has got more to offer in this revamped nostalgic slot game from the creative people at Blueprint. The Goonies slot game is a reference to the 1985 blockbuster movie about a group of boys that take on a hilarious and fun little adventure. The infamous map leading to the treasure is where the gameplay is set on. Loads of Easter eggs are used as symbols and special features for added immersion. The Jolly Roger’s Flag, the iconic pirate ship, a huge treasure chest, skeletons, a weighing scale and the medallion are some symbols in the game.

The plethora of features in this game will leave you stunned as the slot comes out with epic ways to keep the gameplay exciting! Each of the Gooniesplays by his own unique feature, including Mouth’s Lucky Coins, Chunk’s Truffle Shuffle, Data’s Colossal Symbols, and Mickey’s Hidden Treasure. Rewards vary from wins, additional wilds, combined reels, or even new wild reels. Other characters also have bonus rounds, such as Sloth’s Win Spin and One-Eyed Willy’s Bonus Boost grants bonus symbols and also guaranteed wins! With enough One-Eyed Willy’s Symbols, you can trigger the Bonus Boost Feature and use the spin wheel for a chance to play features such as Fratelli’s Hideout, Skeleton Organ, Goonies Go Wild, and Inferno Bonus Spins. The Goonies use a great theme to work with some intelligent features and potential wins, forming the right kind of blend to get you hyped!

24h Timeout

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