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Live Caribbean Stud Poker by Evolution Gaming – Live Poker at its best

Live Caribbean Stud Poker is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy casino vibes without leaving the comfort of your home. It is similar to 5-card-stud poker but is not played against other players but the casino itself. And on top of that it happens live! This takes the pressure of finding the perfect poker face so you can focus entirely on your bets but stay thrilled through live entertainment.

The rules are simple: both dealer and player are dealt five cards each. However, the player’s cards are dealt face-up while four of the dealer’s cards are laid face-down. Only one card is revealed. Now the player can play or fold, just like in real poker. To play you need to place a wager on “Bet”. Then the dealer’s cards are revealed. He needs a King and an Ace, a pair, or any other high-ranking poker hand to qualify. If your hand is better, you win!

For the 5+1 bonus that could award wins up to 1000x your bet amount, the player’s five cards as well as the single face-up card by the dealer are considered. If they form three of a kind or better, you are eligible for the prize. Better yet, if you manage to land a Royal Flush, you win the Jackpot that increases with every round of the game until won. Other valuable hands like the Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind and Straight Flush also pay out decent wins.

The Live Caribbean Stud Poker game show is for all of you who enjoy the thrill of poker and the entertainment of live casino shows. So, don’t wait to be part of the excitement, here on 21 Casino!

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