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Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming – Win live with the timeless classic

You might love it or hate it but one thing is for sure: if you win big in the world’s most famous board game, there is no better feeling. And this also applies to Monopoly Liveby Evolution Gaming, an online casino game show that combines Monopoly game elements with live entertainment.

The rules are simple: a real-life host spins a wheel with 54 segments. These consist of 48 fields with the numbers 1,2, 5 and 10 as well as two Chance, two ‘2 Rolls’ and two ‘4 Rolls’ fields. Players can bet different amounts on the segments they predict the wheel will stop on with each spin. If you guess right, you win. But your pay-outs increase significantly when the wheel spins to the chance and rolls fields – assuming that you have placed a bet on them.

Landing a Chance segment attracts the attention of the animated Mr Monopoly who usually sits on the side reading his newspaper. He gets up and presents to you a chance card that reveals either a cash prize or a win multiplier. The latter grants another spin of the wheel and the corresponding pay-out of the field it lands on gets multiplied by the previously won multiplier.

But the fun really starts, when the host spins his way to the segments ‘2 Rolls’ or ‘4 Rolls’ and thus, activates the bonus feature. Mr Monopoly then takes you to an augmented 3D-reality of the famous Monopoly game board where you get to roll two dice as often as earlier determined. Just like in the original game, the board has streets that could grant impressive cash prizes but also GO, Chance, Community Chest, Jail and Super Tax fields. Therefore, this feature is definitely no boring business!

Monopoly Liveis a fantastic opportunity to shake up your online casino routine as live shows certainly never get boring. Add the elements of a timeless classic board game and fantastic animations to the equation and you got yourself a gambling experience you are sure to enjoy every second of. Let's try it out and play one of our many Monopoly Slots

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