Super Sic Bo

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Super Sic Bo by Evolution Gaming – Where it matters how the dice fall

Evolution Gaming is the market leader in the area of online casino game shows. And their live-dealer performance Super Sic Bo just proves once again that this dominance is justified. With suspense-packed gambling and live entertainment, this show will surely not disappoint.

The game is all about rolling three dice and betting on a certain condition that will be satisfied by the score the dice subsequently show. An attractive female host places the dice inside a cloche with a mechanical system shaking the bottom. When the tremble stops, the dice show a score between 3 and 18. You and all the other live participants can place differently sized wagers on the outcome of the roll which are displayed on a table at the bottom of the screen. If the score matches one of the options you have betted on, you win the corresponding prize.

You could for example bet on a small score between 4 and 10 or a big one between 11 and 17 except for a triple. Or you could gamble for odd or even score numbers. Less likely to happen but higher in pay-outs are specific triples where a particular number is showing on all the three dice. Or betting on the possibility of landing a triple in general. You can also place your stake on a particular number to appear on at least two of the dice. Options are plentiful and you can modify your wagers ahead of each new dice roll.  

Super Sic Bosurely is a game of chance but it takes concentration skills and strategic thinking to place differently sized bets on the multiple options on the table to maximize your wins. 

24h Timeout

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