Cosmic Heart

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Cosmic Heart

It's a perfect game for those who enjoy the beauties and mysteries of outer space. With High 5 Games Cosmic Heart, you can become a true explorer of different planets and galaxies as you gather potential prizes that are quite literally out of this world.

Join this spaceship of fun as it travels at the speed of light. The reels are set against the universe itself. The game has a horizontal "prize line" that sits on top of the regular reels, and you will shoot for the stars as you try to get those prizes. The symbols are planets, moons and explosions, all colourful and beautiful. As you spin the reels, a sci-fi sort of music is playing, which really ties with this space-themed slot.

The game also has a Wild symbol that will substitute for all others, and the prizes line will also give you either cash prizes, multipliers or wilds to help your winning combinations. There are many features that you can trigger with the help of these little stars up on top of the reels.

The bonus features are almost as infinite as the universe, and you can trigger game plays such as the Pick'em bonus. This will play on a new reel set, and you choose between green gemstones to find out your prizes. There is also a respin round, on yet another galaxy. In this new reel set, you can get up to 100 respins!

It's a game for every creature in the universe to thoroughly enjoy. So pack up your bags and let's embark in this interstellar voyage!

24h Timeout

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