Wacky Panda

Wacky Panda

Microgaming has done it once again with yet another charming animal-themed slot that will put a smile on your face. Wacky Panda is a cute and entertaining slot game that focuses on nothing but the bare bones. This time around the theme is about adorable little pandas that aim right for your hearts. If you are the type of person that loves an unsophisticated gameplay experience, then you will definitely be absorbed into this one. The game is set in a popular spot for pandas to chill. The entire play area is built around a bamboo grove with a small pond, surrounded by some trees, tall grass and a pretty little waterfall.

The game is entirely based on pandas, and so are the symbols. An assortment of different coloured pandas ranging from red, blue, purple, yellow, and brown can be seen happily goofing about on the reels. The rest of the symbols are fruits that these pandas eat and play with, such as watermelons, grapes, and bananas. The slot emphasizes rapid gameplay for faster wins and decent payouts. If you want to score a big win, you should focus on landing three of certain kinds of pandas in a row, the red Panda being the most valuable symbol in the game.

Attractive visuals paired with sedative background music makes Wacky Pandathe slot that you could fall in love with. Try it out at 21 Casino.

24h Timeout

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