Butterfly Staxx

Win lines:40

Butterfly Staxx - Gameplay

You can always rely on NetEnt to deliver an innovative slot game with a theme that really distinguishes it from other slots, and their Butterfly Stax looks to be another winner for the well-down developer. A pretty, ethereal graphical style merges with haunting in-game electronic music to provide the base for a slot that is miles away from the crashing reels and frenetic pace of so many slots on the market - and is all the better as a result. Butterfly Staxx is, at the base of it, an ordinary slot - a 5x4 reel set, playing card values, and the usual special symbols in-game. The simplicity is particularly found in the gameplay: if players can land enough of the right symbols, they trigger bonus spins and in-game features that can really boost potential wins. While the reels spin and players keep an eye out for special symbols, such as butterflies and flowers, lilting, calming music plays in the background. We did find the soothing sounds to be a welcome change from the norm, and the game itself is an enjoyable, cerebral challenge. Wins are often tricky to come by, but persistent players will find that they are plenty rewarding when they do come up, and the overall audio-visual experience of the game means you’re going to have plenty to enjoy while you wait.

Butterfly Staxx - Features

The standout feature in the Butterfly Staxx slot comes when you roll a stack of butterfly symbols in one reel. If you can get single column of butterflies, this triggers a re-spin feature in which any further butterfly which lands on the reels “flies” to the leftmost point on its row. Every time one of the eponymous winged insects lands, it triggers another re-spin, potentially allowing you to stack up an ever-larger number of butterflies and create a bigger potential win.

This simple feature is in keeping with the game itself. There are few moments within a game of Butterfly Staxx in which you are likely to find yourself wondering what’s going on. However, if you do find yourself puzzled, the information screen is a short click of the “i” icon away, and unlike many games of this type, it is genuinely informative and easy to understand - so that’s another positive note for a game that certainly has its fair share.

Butterfly Staxx - Bonuses

Bonuses in Butterfly Staxx are activated when three or more scatter symbols land on the reels. The scatter in this game is represented by a purple flower, and the more you see on one spin, the greater the number of bonus spins. As for the bonus itself, again, it’s fairly simple: a “Butterfly Spins” mini-game in which the reels are filled with cocoons, and wherein each spin sees some of those cocoons crack to reveal a butterfly. As with the stacked-butterfly feature above, any butterfly revealed flies over to the left-hand side of the screen and increases your chances of lining up enough of its cousins in order to win.

Overall, our experience of this game was that it is a world removed from the usual NetEnt offering. That’s no bad thing. The ethereal quality brought to the game by its transparent reels and gentle electronic soundtrack is yet another sign of NetEnt’s talent for innovation, too. The gameplay is a challenge - you’ll need to be patient to put together the big wins - but the overall game experience means that you’ll find plenty to enjoy while you’re playing.

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24h Timeout

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