Twin Spin

Win lines:243 ways

Twin Spin

Twin Spin, designed by slot pros NetEnt, takes the classic slot theme to a whole new level. Hipper than Tetris, more intense than Castlevania, these 243 ways to win slot is perfect for all you retro junkies. 

The layout of this game is typical of most NetEnt slots on the internet. You can increase the level on the bottom left-hand corner; this acts as a stake multiplier, up to a maximum of 10 times the regular stake. Then choose your coin value on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. You initiate the spin via the big green button at the bottom of the screen. 

For more information about how the game works click the ‘i’ button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. This provides you information on paylines, icon values and any other bonuses. And if you’re looking for additional features then check out the two buttons next to the main spin button -- ‘max bet’ and ‘autoplay’. You can autoplay up to a maximum of 1000 spins. 

Twin Spin - Symbols, Features and Bonuses

Now you’ve got to grips with how Twin Spin works, let’s take a look at those all-important symbols, features and bonuses.

First of all, Twin Spin moves in a different direction, by increasing the standard slot symbols by implementing a nine to ace format. This provides you with yet another symbol to line up. The minimum prize for landing three standards symbols is three coins -- for landing three nines -- while the maximum is 40 for lining up five aces. 

Then you have the higher value symbols -- and this is where things get interesting. By lining up five cherry symbols you can take home a gargantuan 250 coins. But the fun doesn’t stop there -- line up five diamond symbols, and you could take home an incredible 1000 coins. Other prizes vary from 250 to 500 coins, but you have to admit that the 1000-coin prize is rather sweet. And of course, you have the wild symbol, which substitutes any symbol on the reel whatsoever.

There is no bonus feature to take advantage of with Twin Spin, which may put off the regular punter, but there is the twin reel feature which can provide some rather tasty wins. Essentially, each spin starts with two symbols adjacently placed together on reels one and two. This essentially gives you a head start, which is perfect. Furthermore, on random spins, the twin reel feature may expand to three, four or even five reels, which could mean a guaranteed payout -- the perfect dream for all slots enthusiasts. And while this might not be the perfect replacement for a bonus feature, it’s at least a consistent boost which you’ll feel across all your spins. 

Twin Spin is perfect for punters looking for the perfect infusion of a classic theme with the modern slot experience. If you feel like a blast from the past, but with the chance to bag some incredible prizes, then this game is for you.

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