Cash Vandal

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Cash Vandal

It's time to hop on the train and connect with the inner artist that lives within you! Cash Vandalwill take you to three cultural centres in Europe with some of the most artistic graffiti in the world. Have fun in this innovative slot for a chance to win countless prizes!

There was a time when spray art was considered vandalism and was out of control. And it was in this reality that the people at Play´n Go were inspired to develop the Cash Vandal slot machine.

Cash Vandal slot game takes you on a thrilling journey through three of the leading European capitals: London, Paris and Berlin. Pack your bags and enjoy this cultural adventure!

The first time you open Cash Vandal, you may not even notice 4 reels per 3 rows of symbols, as your attention goes to the whole slot machine scene that is genuinely fantastic!

On the screen you can see a spectacular city on the backdrop, and in you'll see an art train. Where the doors are supposed to be, you will see the four reels full of classic slot symbols but with a decidedly modern and renewed style! You'll see gold bars, cherries, watermelons and other fruits along with spray paint pots, cash and wild symbols.

With Cash Vandal, you will find a system with 10 paylines, always fixed and a creative variety of unique features. In addition to a lot of entertainment, you can also get sensational prizes! But there is even more, as there is an exclusive spins bonus round, where you can win prizes to increase your fun! Join this crazy train.

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