Volatility:Very high
Win lines:Clusters

Reactoonz Online Slot

Gameplay and Graphics

Reactoonztakes you into a strange world of jelly-like monsters, who look like very relaxed, smiling alien creatures. These adorable little monsters combine on the screen, to create winning combinations for you and fuelling the alien's bonus energy orbs.

The Reactoonzonline slot machine game has a cute, energetic theme with little monsters reminiscent of aliens. The game is casual, entertaining and loads of fun and the symbols are imaginatively designed in all colours and shapes of the rainbow. The animations are fluid and are complemented with beautiful symbols, energy fields and rotating lightning balls. The background is in navy blue so that both the effects and the colourful symbols appear particularly bright.

Under the game surface, you will find the control field, where you can set and see your bet amounts and how much you have won. At the bottom left of the game, you will find all information about the game rules and unique features.

The music and the rest of the sound design are a real pleasure with all kinds of sci-fi sounds. 

How to play

Reactoonz works with cluster mechanics. Let us explain that a bit more in detail. This means that you have groups of symbols which need to be aligned vertically and horizontally to make a win. Similar symbols have to land either on winning rows or columns and unfortunately, diagonals do not count. The more symbols involved in a group, the more generous your winnings will be.

The two-eyed alien characters are the higher paid symbols in this game. The blue alien will get you, at least your stake back, if you can land 7 of them. You can win 3 times your bet if you can connect 10 of them, 5 times for 12 and a top price of 75x for 15 or more. The orange alien returns your stake for landing 7 but then increases to 5 times and 10 times your bet for landing 10 or 12 of them. The payment of the main prize worth 150 times your stake for connecting 15 or more of them.

All you have to do is land six of the green two-eyed aliens to regain your stake. Ten green aliens bring you 10 times your bet and 25 times when you are landing 10 or 12. The highest cash payout is 300 times your bet for 15 or more green aliens.

The highest payouts of all come with the bright pink, two-eyed alien creature. You only need to hit five consecutively horizontally and vertically to win your bet. If you land ten, you will get back 20 times your original bet. If you hit 12, you will be rewarded with a payment that is 50 times your stake. It will increase to the maximum prize worth 750 times your bet if you are lucky enough to have 15 or more matching symbols in a cluster.


  • The Symbols - The reels contain 4 lower-paying aliens and 4 higher-paying alien symbols, plus a wild swirl. The symbol with the highest value is the pink alien. It pays up to 750 times of your stake, for 15 or more connecting symbols on a payline.
  • The Cascading Game Engine - The ReactoonzCascading Game Engine drops symbols in a 7 × 7 grid. In this way, you can always make winning combinations. A winning combination is when 5 or more of the same symbols are connected in a cluster. After that, your winning symbols will be removed when new symbols fall into the grid. The cascade continues until you can no longer get a winning combination.
  • Win - If you win, you increase the 5 quantum jump charge meter by 1. When your meter is fully charged, it adds 1 quantum feature. The added function is chosen at random.
  • Wild symbol: The Wild Symbol in an online slot machine can usually be randomly spun onto the reels with every spin. But when you play Reactoonz, it works a little differently. Represented by a swirl of yellow light, the game not only lands on the reels but must be generated in some way.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

The symbols involved in winnings disappear from the reels using:

  • Cascading Reels
  • Avalanche Reels
  • Tumbling Reels
  • Reactions.

These cute alien symbols are accumulated on the Reactoonzmeter, on the left. At the same time, new symbols fall onto the reels from above. All new winning combinations are evaluated and removed on the measuring device, with new symbols dropping and so on.

As soon as you collect 25 alien symbols, the stored energy will be transferred to the other side of the columns. There it will be collected in the quantum measuring device. There are five vertical bars at the top of the quantum meter. Each collection of 25 symbols provided by the other gauge illuminates a section and releases one of the modifiers on the reels.

There is:

  • 4 Quantum Leap Reel Modifiers
  • Gargantoon Bonus
  • Instability Bonus


The implosion converts three to six symbols on the reels into wild symbols. And since Wilds can stand for all other symbols on the reels, this can lead to some big cash prizes. This feature also destroys all symbols, in addition to the newly created wild symbols, which leads to another reaction with the potential to create even more winning combinations.


When the quantum display assigns this function, the game selects one of the lowest value one-eyed alien symbols to convert it to a different symbol. If there are no one-eyed symbols on the reels at this time, the game automatically selects another available symbol at random. And if symbols are converted to others, there is a good chance that more winning combinations will be created that will continue the reaction process.


If this is triggered by the quantum meter, some great wins await you. The demolition removes all one-eyed symbols and all matching symbols from the reels. And this can pave the way for a multitude of new combinations that fall from above and further increase the price pot.


It sounds painful, but it isn't. The incision cuts a diagonal cross through the reels, from top left to bottom right and from top right to bottom left. It places a wild symbol precisely in the middle of the grid and places matching symbols over the diagonal lines, possibly creating winning combinations.

Gargantoon Bonus

The quantum bonus that all players want to land is the Gargantoon. Still, it won't come to life until all other four bonuses have been completed. And you have to turn another 25 symbols in the Reactoonzmeter, which is easier said than done.

But if you were lucky enough to land Gargantoon, it could reward you well. He jumps on the reels, takes 3 × 3 squares and acts as a wild to get some spectacular wins. It all depends on where he lands. The Gargantoon divides them into two separate 2 × 2 symbols, which in turn can generate some significant gains. Finally, the Gargantoon turns into nine individual Gargantoon Wilds and offers one last chance to create some big cash payouts for you.

Instability Bonus

Gargantoon is susceptible to all types of mood swings. From sometimes slumbering quite loudly - too interested expectantly and even seemingly furious, when the quantum leap functions begin. And of course, at its peak, he jumps on the reels intending to generate some decent cash payouts for you. But it can also be generous if the game doesn't find its way. At regular intervals he throws between 4 and 8 wilds on the reels after a non-winning spin, hoping to find some winning combinations for you.


The Reactoonzonline casino Slot Game is one of the most futuristic and unprecedented games of the past years so that you can enjoy the cascading reels and other features from the start. Also, Reactoonzoffers excellent graphics, soundtrack and intergalactic bonus rounds.

So if you're looking for a great online gaming experience that offers non-stop action, Play’n GO's Reactoonzis the ideal game for you.

Play’n Go is a reputable game developer so that we can recommend other slot machines from this provider with great confidence. Other games include Book of Dead, Fire Joker, Rise of Merlin and Legacy of Egypt. In addition to the rules of the game, the provider always shows the payout rates for the various slot machines very transparently.

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