Sweet Alchemy

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Sweet Alchemy

Does the sweet tooth in you already leave you impatient to know why this game has sweet in its name? Then let’s get right into Sweet Alchemy, an online slot about crushing candies and making your own flavour out of them with the ever so lovely alchemist. This Play’n GO designed slot game does an excellent job in delivering eye-catching visuals that will leave you exhilarated the moment you start playing. Radiating bright shades of colour and the vibrant candies fill the entire screen with passion and delight!

Make some wins by matching four or more candies of the same kind which then explode and make room for newer symbols. Produce your own flavour while you crush candies and play with different Wild-based features that can be activated at different levels of the Sugar Rush Meter. Fill it up all the way, and you get to activate Mix the Elixir Bonus Round granting you one of three spells that the alchemist can use. The spells help in shuffling symbols to form combinations, adding more wilds and exploding symbols to make room for newer ones. Elixir of Power is another Bonus Round where you flip chocolate bars to get 3 matching elixirs. Getting it done successfully puts a hefty multiplier on your payout! The sprinkle on top of it all is the ability to watch yourself progress on a map every time you complete an Elixir of Power Bonus Round or when winning a treasure chest.

Play Sweet Alchemy at 21 Casino, where the visuals are the sugar, and the gameplay is the spice. 

24h Timeout

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