Castle Builder II

Volatility:Very high
Win lines:15

Attention, ladies and gentlemen! Come all the brilliant knights, queens, dukes and jesters! It's time to get all treasures and construction equipment and build your castle with Rabcat's Castle Builder 2. A game which the true essence of medieval and old-time spirit was, with a modern and fantastic touch.

With five reels and three lines, Castle Builder II is tremendously exciting to play, and that feeling continues throughout the game. An improved version of the first launch worth a try if you enjoy the Castle Builder II slot. 

As you can guess by the name, with Castle Builder II, you can build castles, and it is done by collecting building materials as you spin. If you end up getting a specific sequence of materials on the reels, it will supply the materials you need. 

The materials are various, like wood, bricks, granite and iron, most of the things you will need to build your castle in time. You'll assemble small palaces, huge palaces and protected fortresses with Castle Builder II. Take advantage of Spins, Scatter symbols and Wild too.

As you develop your project and your building starts to take shape, you'll see that you will begin to attract an order of admirers, each looking to win the fair lady’s hand in matrimony. If you choose the right sweetheart, you'll receive a sensibly sizable prize.

Pick one of the three unique avatars with individual feature sets (Sam, Mandy or Igor), to shift into the role of an extremely skilled architect. Explore the enormous ancient world of Castle Builder II while developing different storylines and experiencing your freedom of choice!

24h Timeout

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