5 Families

Win lines:10

5 Families: Red Tiger Invites You To the Gangster Lifestyle

5 Families has the gangster touch as it sets five rival mafia-like entities on the screen. You'll feel like a VIP high roller sat in a luxury suit.

The game features an excellent design. There are five mob bosses, each competing to rule the reels with varying high-payout levels. You won’t find any card symbols, with the low-payout spotlight reserved for pistols, ammunition, casino chips, newspapers and money.

Surprisingly, there are no scatters or wilds. The main feature is the VIP room, which requires no bonus combo. Let's have a detailed look at how to play 5 Families before we touch on this unique game element.

How To Play The 5 Families Game

The casino slot has fifteen spaces available on the main spinning section of the screen. The five reels and three rows present the game's primary symbols, where you'll win if you can land a specific combination of images from left to right. There are ten paylines in total.

While Red Tiger's game could have been more generous in terms of winning combos, it has a massive maximum bet that's perfect for high rollers. You can stake anywhere between 0.10 and 500 credits. The mob boss pays out the highest at 20 times your bet, which becomes 100x when adding a 5x multiplier.

The hamburger icon at the top right opens up the menu, which reveals the paylines. You can also change sound settings. At the bottom of the screen, it’s possible to increase the speed of the reel-spinning animations or let the game auto-spin.

5 Families Game Features

Red Tiger's 5 Families is one of the few slots we've seen that has no bonus rounds or spins. Instead, there's a VIP room and a few jackpots. 

VIP Room

There's an empty revolver chamber above the reels. When you hit a winning combination, a bullet enters one of the sections. Conversely, you'll lose all the ammo if a spin finishes with no wins. 

The excitement begins when the chambers are fully loaded. You'll enter an underground room where the five mobsters are waiting for you. All symbols henceforward will be worth five times more, with a 5x multiplier also thrown into the mix.

The feature ends when you reach five consecutive losses. The rewards are high, with a chance of earning 1,000 times your stake. However, entering the VIP room is a challenge as it's difficult to win five times in a row.


There are three jackpots, each with various conditions. They’re progressive and rise as players place bets. When you land three jackpot symbols simultaneously, you unlock the Wheel of Fortune that randomly selects your reward.

Here are the details of each jackpot:

  • Daily Drop: beat the timer and win the jackpot before the day is over;
  • Must Drop: win the pot before the pool reaches €1,000.
  • Mega Drop: collection starts when the amount reaches €20,000, without an upper limit.

5 Families Game RTP & Payouts

It has medium volatility, even though it feels like its high variance due to the few times you'll hit the VIP room. 

5 Families continues its streak of lower numbers with a maximum payout of 1,000 times your wager. The most impressive feature is the max bet limit of 500 credits.

24h Timeout

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