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It's quite a juicy take on the famous fruit slots by Revolver Gaming! Join the fun and quench your thirst with Squish, a super colourful and tasty video slot. The game is a mix of bright and appealing symbols with a soundtrack that will make you feel like you are on a Caribbean beach.

Squish those fruits to turn them into tasty and nutritious juice in this high volatility game. Matching four of the same symbols will give you some extra juice that counts towards fruit swaps. If you reach four fruits, that will create a "Blend" symbol that squishes all matching fruits in the board.

Matching six of the same turns them into a Wild coconut over the four central squares. The Wild will stay there for ten cascades, and other matches of six will keep adding ten cascades to this sweet Wild countdown!

The game has a beautiful background, as you play in the tropical and refreshing jungles. Collect kiwis, lemons, watermelons and more in this mouth-watering game. The animations are also adorable and you can see the fruits getting squished when pressed together.

It's a different style from the regular reels, and the goal is to have the same fruits connected for some extra juice and more earnings. The cascading feature ensures you have more chances of higher gains in each round.

Let's squish those fruits together to create the perfect tasty juice with Squish!

24h Timeout

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