Mystery Stacks

Win lines:10

Mystery Stacks

Channel your inner sleuth to solve the mystery and get your prizes with this classic looking Silverback Gaming video slot. Mystery Stacks brings a vintage theme in a whole new light, sometimes quite literally, and will make you enjoy the look of the fruity slot with some cool neon effects.

The soundtrack follows the psychedelic theme, and you will enjoy the fast-paced action mixed with the simple design as you spin the reels in search of your earnings. The real mystery, however, is the golden coin symbol, full of question marks. They will move around the reels alongside the classic fruits and bells, but if you land them the coin acts as a Wild. In other words, the mystery symbol will mutate to a random one, increasing your chances of getting winning combinations.

However, there is even more mysterious action! But we will tell you the secrets of this slot: if you land the mega coin, the reels will automatically be filled with only one symbol. That will result in cluster combinations that can get you some fantastic prizes.

The action is guaranteed with this game. And you will have a great time landing those famous cherries, lemons, watermelons, and other tasty fruit as that mystery coin spins in this fruit salad.

It's time to spin the reels and solve the mystery at Mystery Stacks.

24h Timeout

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