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Beginner and experienced players alike are invited to rediscover the buzz of a bricks-and-mortar casino online with our captivating casino and table games, including: Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Caribbean Stud and Casino Hold’em. 

All of our Live Casino and Table Games are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain, the Swedish Gambling Authority and the Malta Gaming Authority.  Check out our summary of the most popular Live Casino games below - brought to you by notable providers like Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming - and immerse yourself in the world of online casino games today. 

Evolution Gaming is the world leader in live dealer gaming, producing and licensing fully integrated live casino experiences for top-tier providers. Some of these offerings include:

  • Mega Ball

Mega Ball is a fast-paced game show featuring a custom-built 51 ball drawing machine and set in a vibrant studio. Players watch on in anticipation as 20 balls are drawn from the machine, while matching numbers on players’ cards are automatically marked off. The goal is to make lines to win and the last drawn ball brings a Mega Ball multiplier of between 5x-100x for some extra excitement. 

  • Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher invites players to test their luck via the stunning supersized vertical wheel packed with shining 2x and 7x multiplier segments. The bespoke wheel is spun by a live dealer who prompts players to bet on which number they think the wheel will stop at, with payouts corresponding to each winning number. 

  • Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is a unique live game show that adds familiar board game elements to the classic spinning wheel format. A live host spins the vertically-mounted wheel while players predict which segment the wheel will stop at after the spin. To add an extra element, the wheel features ‘chance’ segments for instant cash wins and multipliers. 

  • Deal or No Deal Live

A live online version of the world-famous TV game show, Evolution Gaming’s Deal or No Deal Live gives players the opportunity to win payouts and unique prize multipliers. Players are presented with 16 briefcases that are consecutively opened while ‘the Banker’ offers a cash amount in exchange for what the player holds in their own briefcase to tempt them to make a deal. 

  • Crazy Time

Following the same format as Dream Catcher, Crazy Time gives players the opportunity to add multipliers from the Top Slot in each round and participate in four bonus games. The live host spins the wheel as players place bets on which number it will land on, while the four bonus games include a multiplier treasure hunt, a coin flip, a Pachinko peg-wall and a giant virtual money wheel. 

  • Dragon Tiger

A simplified version of Live Baccarat, Dragon Tiger involves two cards being dealt - one being the dragon, the other the tiger - to the player and the higher value of the two wins. Rounds are quick and simple, making it the perfect game for beginners. 


Live Roulette plays a pivotal role in casinos, remaining a firm fan favourite in bricks-and-mortar and online formats alike. Players can choose between the three classic game variants - French, European and American Roulette - along with other exciting variants that mix things up a bit. 

Other variants of Live Roulette are:

  • French Roulette - French Roulette is the most common variant of the classic game and is played with 36 numbers alternately coloured in red and black, where the single zero is marked in green. 
  • European Roulette - European Roulette follows the same format as French Roulette, meaning both have a similar house edge. The only differences between the two variants is the colouring of some numbers on the wheel. 
  • American Roulette - American Roulette is different from the previous two variants as it features two zeros and the numbers are at different positions on the wheel. 
  • La Partage Roulette - La Partage Roulette translates to ‘the divide’ and when in effect means that when the wheel spin results in a zero, the dealer divides all even money bets in half, keeping half for the house and returning half to the player. 
  • Mini Roulette - Mini Roulette is an exclusive online variant that follows similar rules to classic Roulette but is a smaller version, meaning there are fewer numbers on the wheel and therefore there are different bets that can be placed. 
  • Multi Wheel Roulette - Multi Wheel Roulette is played across more than one wheel on various tables at the same time. All wheels can be seen in a single view or on a clearly split screen, with each spin timed at the same time to help you keep track of your bets. 


Blackjack - also known as 21 - is another staple game at land-based and online casinos alike. It is popular among beginners as it is extremely easy to understand and there aren’t too many rules. When playing Blackjack you play against the dealer and are initially given two cards and must decide whether to take a third card or not. If you exceed 21 with your card value, you go bust. 

  • American Blackjack - American Blackjack, or ‘Classic Blackjack’, is also known as 21, as the target for players is to get the value of their cards as close to 21 as possible, without going bust. Most variants use multiple decks - between two and eight - and can double on certain hands. 
  • Perfect Pairs - This is a common Blackjack variant that includes a side bet. The side bet wins if the player is dealt any pair, and the payout for this win varies from casino to casino. Generally, suited pairs typically earn higher payouts. 
  • European Blackjack - In European Blackjack, the dealer doesn’t receive their hole card until the player has decided how to play the cards they’ve already been dealt. 
  • Blackjack Switch - When playing Blackjack Switch, players get two hands to play separately. They have the option to switch or swap the second cards dealt to each hand between their two hands, depending on which yields the best results. 


Baccarat is an uncomplicated and popular luck-based game that doesn’t need players to have special skills or tactics to win. The house edge is only 1.17% and is therefore favoured with newbies and advanced players alike. 

Some variants of Baccarat include:

  • Classic Baccarat - The goal is to get the value of a hand close to nine with up to three cards. When a hand is worth more than nine at the  end, only the second digit is scored. Players can place bets on whether the player or bank will win, or they will draw.  
  • Mini Baccarat - Like Mini Roulette, this is a compact version of Classic Baccarat. It accommodates seven players instead of eight and is played with only one croupier that acts as both the dealer and the banker. 
  • Chemin de Fer - Chermin de Fer uses six decks of cards with all players taking the role of the banker, in contrast to one designated player as with other variants. The cards are contained in a shoe which moves counterclockwise across the table 


There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of Live Poker, which is one of the most popular table games in the world thanks to its highly analytical and competitive nature. 

There are numerous variations of Live Poker designed to appeal to beginners and experienced players alike, including: 

  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em - Ultimate Texas Hold’em is played with one deck of 52 cards. Players must beat the dealer by forming the best five-card poker hand using two hole cards and the five community cards. Players must also make an ante bet and a blind bet of the same value.
  • Caribbean Stud - Caribbean Stud follows a similar format to Five-Card Stud but unlike other card games, it’s played against the house rather than other players. This means that there’s no bluffing involved and the dealer will also receive five community cards and two hole cards to play with.  
  • Casino Hold’em - Casino Hold’em is also played against the house and follows similar rules to Texas Hold’em in that it’s played with a standard 52-card deck and begins with an ante bet. Both you and the dealer get two hole cards and community cards with which you must form the best five-card hand possible. 
  • Three Card Poker - Three Card Poker is played against the dealer and begins with an ante wager. Three cards are dealt face down to the player and the dealer, who will both place a wager based on how strong they think their hand is. Players will win if they have a better hand than the dealer. 

Super Sic Bo 

Super Sic Bo is a classic Chinese dice game that features multipliers randomly applied to various bet spots. It is played with three regular dice with a face value of 1-6 and the objective is to predict and bet on the outcome and result combination of the three dice when shaken. Some variations of the game include Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck. 

With so many immersive live casino games available for players to enjoy from the comfort of their own home - whenever they want -  it’s no surprise that they’re some of the most popular offerings on the market. Whether you’re more of a Poker person or you’re intrigued by Baccarat, there’s sure to be a live format to thrill you.

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